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Our Product Recommendations

Hi, my name is Judy Feldhausen and I'm part of The Million Lives Project.  I help empower health practitioners with tools and resources that will positively impact the health of your clients.  This includes key product recommendations that will benefit your clients and create addition streams of income for you and your practice.

Our Product Recommendations Address These Health Concerns

Blood Flow

We help you harness the power of Nitric Oxide Therapy to naturally address most cardiovascular concerns by improving blood flow.*

Cholesterol Concerns

We provide you with an alternative to the wide spread use of statin drugs with a clinically proven and natural product to address cholesterol issues.*

Gut Health

Today's research show that the health of your gut significantly determines your over all health and we have products that can reset gut health*

Our Product Recommendations

Nitric Oxide Therapy - Our Product of Choice is ProArgi-9+

When properly applied, Nitric Oxide Therapy can naturally address the following cardiovascular health issues:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetic Complications
  • Er​ectile Dysfunction
  • Cognitive Function
  • Wound Healing
  • Athletic Performance

In 1998 the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to 3 American researchers for their discovery of the Miracle Molecule called Nitric Oxide and how it benefits the cardiovascular system.  

Over the last 20+ years there has been an explosion of L-arginine products to create the needed nitric oxide for improved blood flow.

Our Product of choice is the Clinically Proven L-arginine supplement ProArgi-9+.  It's clinically proven to produce higher levels, and more rapidly, of nitric oxide then using L-arginine alone.  And it's clinically proven to prevent vascular inflammation, which is the leading cause of most cardiovascular health issues.

Additionally, it's the only L-arginine supplement recognized by the medical community.  It's been listed for 5 years and counting in the Physicians' Desk Reference as "the highest quality L-arginine supplement in the world."

With 262 verified quality assurance steps, this product is guaranteed to help your clients improve their blood flow to address a multitude of cardiovascular health issues.

By using our 2 Minute Discipline we can help your clients be compliant in their product usage.  This helps them experience the health benefits of ProArgi-9+.  And creates for you an additional stream of income that is compatible with your overall business plan.  As well as a referral program that can bring new clients to your practice. 

Cholesterol Concerns - Our Product of Choice is Metabolic LDL

METABOLIC LDL was developed to support healthy cholesterol levels and cardiovascular function. Scientists at the Hughes Center for Research and Innovation began analyzing plants that were known for positively influencing cholesterol production and moderating oxidation.

They discovered how the polyphenols of the Bergamot Orange had the power to support cholesterol levels already in the normal range.  Once the Synergy Scientists had analyzed and tested the Bergamot Orange, they began focusing on what other antioxidant phytonutrients would help to enhance Bergamot’s benefits.

By combining Bergamot Extract with a proprietary blend of high-ORAC antioxidants, Metabolic LDL’s unique and powerful herbal formula naturally supports healthy cholesterol levels and oxidation, triglyceride levels,and blood sugar levels already in the normal range.


A clinical trial was conducted on subjects with abnormally elevated cholesterol or fat levels in the blood (dyslipidemia).  Subjects were instructed to take two capsules of Metabolic LDL in the evening. After 12 weeks of daily intake of Metabolic LDL, all subjects experienced statistically significant changes:

In addition, Metabolic LDL was particularly effective for individuals with higher HbA1c levels (above 5.4%). These individuals experienced the following additional significant changes:

If you want to see the "clinical study" on the product that became Metabolic LDL, then please click here.  We believe this is an excellent product to address both cholesterol concerns and helps to boost the immune system with a powerful antioxidant supplement. 

Resetting Gut Health - Our Products of Choice are the Biome Products from Synergy Worldwide

Your microbiome or gut microflora is key to your overall health and wellness.  85% of your immune system is determined by your gut microbiome.  And the makeup of your gut microbiome even effects your ability to lose weight.

To help your clients quickly and safely reset their gut micriobiome, Synergy Worldwide created the patented and clinically proven Purify Kit. This kit contains several key products that can also be sold separately.

Watch the following video for an Overview of The Purify Kit: 

Biome Shake

The Biome Shake is certified vegan and gluten free vegetable pea protein that fuels the correct microbial communities to help quickly balance your microbiome.  It uses key products like:

  • Inulin to fuel your "friendly bacteria."
  • Borage Oil and Flax Seed Powder to address inflammation.
  • Zinc and Broccoli Powder to detoxify your digestive system while supporting your immune system.

The Biome Shake can be used both as a meal replacement to aid in weight loss or as a healthy meal that can sustain your energy and eliminate hunger for an extended period of time.

Biome DTX

The Biome DTX is designed to detoxify, cleanse, and rebalance your microbiome.It includes ingredients to help eliminate heavy metals and other toxins from your system to address inflammation.

It includes L-glutamine to address leaky gut issues and helps to improve the ratio of bacterioidetes to firmicutes to aid in weight management.

Biome Actives

Biome Actives combine your Prebiotic (Inulin) with your ProBiotic (Bacillus Coagulans) to deliver 1 billion CFUs (colony forming units) to your small intestine to quickly recolonize your gut microbiome.

And because it's shelf-stable you can take it any place you go.

Body Prime

Body Prime is designed to support cleansing and bowel motility to help prime your purification program.  It includes Magnesium to improve immunity, digestion, regularity, and energy production.

And, it combines Apple Pectin with Prune Powder to absorb, bind, and eliminate cholesterol, harmful bacteria, and toxins.

These are just some of the many Biome Products from Synergy Worldwide.  Each is unique and can be a stand alone product or used in combination with others to help reset a person's gut.  

When used for weight management it can help your clients experience significant weight loss.  This creates interest in those around them wanting to know what they're doing, which in turn creates referrals to your practice.

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If you have a passion for natural ways to improve the health of your clients, then please contact me.  If you want to implement addition streams of income to your existing practice, then please contact me.  I'll help you understand the benefits of The Million Lives Project.

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