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I'm Judy Feldhausen with the Cardio Wellness Group.  I'm part of the Million Lives Project to eliminate heart disease.  Many people are aware that heart disease is the number one killer of men and women nationwide.  It's an alarming statistic.  

The good news is we found a way to change that statistic.

Although I am called the "heart psychic" in some circles, actually I use medical research based on the 1998 Nobel Prize in medicine, and  FDA approved medical equipment that is non-invasive, to naturally prevent and even reverse cardiovascular disease.  

I believe this device and nitric oxide therapy saved my life.  Now I want to empower health practitioners with this knowledge to help their patients live a life of elite health. Below you will find some of our tools and resources that can be used to bring an effective Cardiovascular Wellness Center into your business model.

Tools and Resources to Benefit Your Practice

It always helps to see how others have implemented the tools and resources that are part of The Million Lives Project.*

Do you want to add a significant income stream to your practice?  Then learn how the Max Pulse can be

a new avenue for clients.*

Do you want to add a significant income stream to your practice?  Then learn how the Smart Pulse can be a new avenue for clients*

There are key products that can significantly benefit your clients while adding additional revenue to your practice.*

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What Our Clients and Team Members Have to Say

The cardiovascular screenings, with the Max Pulse technology, adds a visual perspective of overall health for our patients. It creates a level of depth to our treatment plans, which allows us to help them in a way that we would otherwise not be able to. By offering this additional service we have the opportunity to reach out to potential new patients and reactivate ones that have not seen for a while. In addition, Judy is very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. She is able to explain the screening results in a way that makes them easy to understand.

Dr. Jacob M. Hertz, D.C. - St. Charles Pain and Wellness Center

St. Charles - IL

I was diagnosed with stage three kidney disease.  Someone shared nitric oxide therapy with me.  The result has been the following:  My blood pressure went from 190/100 to 140/76. My creatinine levels dropped from 1.73 to 1.04.  The pressure in my left eye has gone from 22 down to 7.  And the wound on my big toe that wouldn't heal is now healed.  I've joined The Million Lives Project to share this Nobel Prizing Winning information with others.

Judy Feldhausen

I was Blessed that someone shared this information with me.  It made a positive difference in my diabetic health.  I no longer need any of my medications.  So I started the Hispanic Health Initiative to share this information with others my community.  And I've witnessed first hand some incredible health improvements that are helping our Hispanic family and friends once again experience good health.

David Muñoz

Our Million Lives Team

Each of our health care professionals have a passion for helping their clients understand the power of Nitric Oxide Therapy to naturally address most cardiovascular health issues.

Dr. Jacob M. Hertz, D.C.

St. Charles Pain and Wellness Center - St. Charles, IL

Dr. Mary Newville


Dr. Andreea Kessler

General Practice

Dr. Nancy Dewmore


What's The Next Step?

If you have a passion for natural ways to improve the health of your clients, then please contact me.  If you want to implement addition streams of income to your existing practice, then please contact me.  I'll help you understand the benefits of The Million Lives Project.

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