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Hi, my name is Judy Feldhausen and I'm part of The Million Lives Project.  It's been my privilege to work with some amazing doctors who have a passion for helping their clients improve their health.  Below is a case study to help you understand the tools and resources we use to benefit you and your clients.

A Case Study That Could Benefit Your Practice

Dr. Rhonda Button

Button Chiropractic 

Natural Health Center

Dr. Rhonda Button is a Board Certified Chiropractic Internist and has been practicing in southeastern Illinois since April 2000.

Dr. Button believes that quality health care must address each patient as a WHOLE person (holistic medicine) and ALSO as a unique individual (functional medicine). 

Because of this philosophy to health care she saw the potential of Nitric Oxide Therapy to help her patients address cardiovascular health concerns as well as overall wellness.  Dr. Button decided to implement a Cardiovascular Wellness Center into her practice. 

The following is a case study of how she implemented the MaxPulse Screening, ProArgi-9+, and other tools and resources to benefit both her patients and practice through this Cardiovascular Wellness Center model.

Before we talk about the marketing process Dr. Button utilized, let's examine the revenue stream the MaxPulse and ProArgi-9+ generated for her practice.

Dr. Button had 17 patient appointments for screenings that day.

Dr. Button charged $79 for each screening.

Additionally, 10 canisters of ProArgi-9+ were sold at $75 each

The net profit on each canister of ProArgi-9+ was $36

Profit from the MaxPulse Screening totaled $1343.00

Profit from ProArgi-9+ canisters sold totaled $360.00

Total Net Profit for the day $1703.00

Additional benefits to Dr. Button's practice:

  • Her location is now branded as a Cardiovascular Wellness Center, which differentiates her practice from the rest of the offices in her area. 
  • The use of the MaxPulse provides both a referral program and reason for others to use her services and come to her facility.
  • Follow up screenings provide her with a marketing opportunity to bring in new referrals.
  • Her patients can now come to her facility or join Synergy's Customer Program to obtain their ProArgi-9+, which adds an ongoing stream of income.

Here is a brief overview of the marketing plan and system Dr. Rhonda Button used as part of the Cardiovascular Wellness Center Model: 

Announcement / Roll Out – Dr. Button advertised the event by placing fliers in the bathrooms, at checkout, and in her exam rooms of her office.  We've highlighted below the two types of fliers she used.  The one on the right was used 30 days prior to the event to create interest and begin to register people for the event. 

The flier to the left was used one week prior to the event to continue to build interest and excitement.

Utilize Local Resources – Dr. Button contacted her local radio station and on an “open mic' show coordinated an interview with herself and Judy Feldhausen to talk about Nitric Oxide Therapy and the upcoming screenings.  Listeners were encourage to contact Dr. Button's office or stop by for more information. 

This was free advertising and helped to create a “buzz” for this information and service.  Also, by having Judy as an “out of town expert” this added 3rd party validation.   It helped begin the branding process of Dr. Button's location becoming a Cardiovascular Wellness Center.  A center that would help address the cardiovascular needs of the community. 

Cardiovascular Health Checklist – This sheet was used throughout the testing procedure.  When patients came for their screening, they filled out the top and middle sections of the checklist.

They indicated the areas of cardiovascular health that they would like to get additional information on so that Our Cardiovascular Wellness Library could reinforce this testing procedure and process.

After the screening was completed, the findings were discussed and a recommended course of action was suggested by filling out the bottom section of the Health Checklist.  This included recommending products as well as setting their next appointment for screening.

Dr. Button would then complete the process by making sure the patient understood what was needed to address their cardiovascular health.  This included adding ProArgi-9+ to their program and the day's bill with instructions for taking this product.

Cardiovascular Wellness Library – Once the Health Checklist is completed, the staff can review it and suggest one of the videos in Our Cardiovascular Wellness Library.  These videos can be shown right in the office as part of the post test debriefing.  Or they can be emailed to the patient and then discussed in the follow up to the test.

The actual protocols for implementing all aspects of the MaxPulse testing and ProArgi-9+ supplement into your operation will be made available once you join The Million Lives Project.  When you become a Cardiovascular Wellness Center (by joining our organization), we'll provide you with access to all this information.

As well as guide you in the implementation of these protocols so that you can use this Cardiovascular Wellness Center model to both complement your existing practice and provide you with an additional significant source of revenue.

All while helping you separate yourself from the rest of your local competition.

If you have questions about this Case Study, then please contact Judy Feldhausen for more information.

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